‘Doing Your Bit’. Top Tips for Effective Corporate Social Responsibility

‘Doing Your Bit’. Top Tips for Effective Corporate Social…

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not a phrase that I like. In fact I would like to take the ‘Corporate’ out of Corporate Social Responsibility altogether.

However in the absence of any other meaningful phrase I refer to CSR, by which I being a responsible business whether your company is large or small.

As I update this blog in the middle of a global pandemic, CSR isn’t just the right thing to do, it makes business sense. In the current challenging climate, you will be better placed to survive and thrive if you already have strong ethical values in place. Some of my tips will not be relevant at the moment as many people are working from home and charity events are postponed or cancelled. Nevertheless it’s not too late to start.

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Stand Out as a Property Agent in Uncertain Times

Stand Out as a Property Agent in Uncertain Times

So it’s a possible return to work for Estate Agent and Property Agents this week and I wonder with all the gloomy forecasts about the economy, how will the commercial and housing markets fare in the future?

Property and rental agents used to have a poor reputation of over-promising and under-delivering, but today with so much competition, peer review sites and transparency on the internet, agents have to offer competitive pricing, top quality customer service and great results. Read more “Stand Out as a Property Agent in Uncertain Times”

Top ten tips for blogging

Top Ten Tips for Blogging

Do you want to get started with blogging? Remember blogging is a great way to improve your profile, credibility and visibility and drives traffic to your website! This is particularly the case if you are an entrepreneur or small business as people buy from people and a blog is a great way to show the personality behind the business. Here are my Top Ten Tips for Blogging.

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How Content and Key Words can make Google Love your Website

Make Google Love your Website

If you want to show some love for your website this Valentine’s Day, here are some top tips to help it soar up the website rankings. As a content writer, not as a web designer, I am no SEO expert but I know enough. This means when I write and create pages for customers I use every opportunity to ensure that those pages are seen by search engines and turn up in relevant searches.

Five Key Tips to Get Google to Rank your Website Higher

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Creating Killer Content

Creating Killer Content

Everyone needs quality content – for your web pages, your social media posts, your newsletters, articles and blogs. Good content is so important – it’s why marketers still say Content is King.

For me, it’s quality over quantity, make your content interesting, helpful, entertaining or educational. Hook the readers in and give them some top tips, tell a story, get that emotional connection, help solve a problem or give then a real insight with relevant information.

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