2019 one top tip to make your business grow Blog

One Top Tip to Make your Business Grow in…

Content is still King in 2019. To engage with your audience you need to explain your passions and get your message across through great copy for your website, meaningful posts on your social media platforms and interesting articles in your e-newsletters.

But are you missing a trick? One easy way to make your business grow in 2019 is to blog via your website.  It’s a fantastic way to showcase you and your business, improve your credibility and build trust amongst your prospects and customers.

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Tips from a Self-Published Author Blog

Tips from a Self-Published Author

One of the pleasures of networking is hearing top tips from other businesses. I recently had the pleasure of hearing Romella Jones talk on the subject of self-publishing. Romella has been practising as a holistic therapist for 10 years, her business is Create Family Calm which supports frazzled mums and their children.

We heard that Romella loves writing and has written several books which started out as simple word documents that she circulated to friends. However, with her business head on, Romella knew that publishing books would establish her as an authority in a niche area.

Content in the form of blogs, newsletters and videos, books are an important part of any sales funnel and allows you to showcase your products and services. These giveaways can be free, or at a low cost, and will act as leverage for your business and allow people to engage with you without too much financial commitment.  NB: You’ll find hyperlinks to all the key sites in the text

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Learning to Love the Lens

I have a confession.  I have been using an old business headshot of me across my social media platforms, I mean really quite old…. more than 10 years, because it was the only ‘professional’ picture of me that I liked.

And it was not even a studio shot. It was a press shot that I happened to like and I did not have a high resolution version of it either so I have not been able to use it in leaflets or fliers.

My reluctance at having some new shots done comes, I suppose, from a slight lack of confidence about my looks now I have reached a certain age (50 plus let’s leave it there). However, I have been thinking for quite a long time that I need to get something done and have looked at various local photographers. Read more “Learning to Love the Lens”

Spring Clean your Business with these top tips Blog

7 Top Tips to Spring Clean Your Business!

Well spring has officially started and what better way than to take some time out to implement these Top Tips smarten up your business and get everything shipshape for the year ahead.

  1. Take a Fresh Look at Finances

Are your records up to date? Are you sending out invoices on time and checking if they are paid? Do you have any consistently late payers? I find a simple Invoice Control spreadsheet helps me see at a glance what’s outstanding and how long people take to pay.

If your cash flow is suffering could you amend your payment schedules and terms and conditions to insist on larger deposits or shorten your payment terms?

Would it help to have some accounting software or an App? This could save you time and stress for example by recording your mileage and keeping your personal and business expenses separate.

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whats-your-motivation-for-self-employment Blog

What’s Your Motivation for Self-Employment?

As someone who occasionally struggles to find her ‘inner entrepreneur’ it’s great to hear other women share their business start-up journeys and find out what’s their motivation for self-employment.

I recently took part in some research at Women in Rural Enterprise (WiRE) about training needs for female entrepreneurs.

Nine of us gave up a few hours on a wet afternoon, tempted only by the promise of a cream tea from Lily’s Vintage Tearoom. We were really there of course to support an organisation that has helped countless women realise their business dreams with local networks, events and online resources at www.wireuk.org.

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