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Why are Customer Touchpoints Important for your Business?

Defined as ‘an influential action or contact’, each touchpoint is a message that collectively forms part of your customer’s experience. But why are they important and how can you improve your customer journey?

What are Customer Touchpoints?

From start to finish, your customers will see and encounter your business brand both off and on line, from your logo to your advert, posters or window displays, your website or app, social media sites or on line reviews. Or it could be from a word of mouth recommendation, contact with yourself or your staff in person, on the telephone or online.

Identifying and improving the touchpoints along the way and getting feedback will help improve their experience. It’s a fantastic opportunity to improve your customer journey – and happy customers, or even prospects, will get you more leads and sales.

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Day 10 Blog

Developing your Connections on LinkedIn

You are probably aware that you have 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree connections. Anyone outside of these is not in your network.

1st Degree Connections – these are anyone you’ve added to your network, you can message them directly. 2nd Degree Connections –  anyone your 1st Degree connections knows plus any connections in groups you have joined.

Bonus Tip: It appears you can either Connect or Message 3rd degree connections – but a message is the Premium (paid for) option. Why do that when you can connect with them? This is as simple as hitting the Connect button and sending them a message.

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Get LinkedIn recommendations Blog

Get Recommended on LinkedIn

LinkedIn says profiles with recommendations are three times more likely to get enquiries. Recommendations are more personal and specific than endorsements and a good way to showcase your expertise.

There is no limit to the number you can give or receive – but you can only one have from each of your connections per role. The Recommendations sections is beneath Skills and your recommendations appear in chronological order. They can be managed by clicking the blue pencil.

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Day 8 LinkedIn Challenge – Add Skills

‘Skills and Endorsements’ is an important section for people that don’t know you. The more skills you list and more endorsements you have, the better it can be for searches whether it’s looking for people matching your skills or viewing your profile for the first time.

You can add up to 50 skills but they only become endorsements when other people endorse you. Only the top three skills are displayed on your full profile although you can click View More to see the others.

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How to Add Sections to your LinkedIn Profile

Now that you have your images, headline and summary sorted you need to go through the rest of the sections of your profile.  LinkedIn is changing all the time, there was a massive change in February 2017 but there have been changes only this week.

Your profile will now show your work experience in chronological order followed by your education, volunteer experience, skills and endorsements, recommendations and accomplishments.

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